Ho, Ho, Ho! The Most [Allegedly] Promiscuous Celebrities Of 2012

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Most Promiscuous Celebrities Of 2012

Ho's are all around us. They're in all shapes and sizes. Usually the fast women we know aren't popular or well-known beyond the circles of people that chopped them down. But when celebrities act all fast and slore-y, everyone seems to know about it. That's why this list is so timely. As the year ends, let's look back on the fastest men and women of the year.
chris-brown-12-11-12-1 Chris Brown - He had Rihanna, Rita, some random chick at a Halloween party and allegedly tried to chop down Nicole Scherzinger's cakes. Buddy just won't quit.
lil_wayne_07_wenn4041635-e1345553820368 Lil Wayne - He was close to getting engaged, then he had that parade of pics of him chilling at different groupies' places and wound up hanging around Super Head.
Twitter Rita Ora 021012 Rita Ora - Rob Kardashian said she had 20 (!) dudes chop her down this year.
drakebirthdaytao3 Drake - He tried it again with Rihanna and had a different skripper on his arm every week.
stevie-j-and-joseline-1343744638 Stevie J - He was moving around from Joseline to baby mommas to who knows who else. Pull it together Stebie.
Coco Austin celebrates her debut performance in "Peepshow" Coco - She was the epitome of a woman who loved her husband through thick and thin. Now rumors of her infidelity are swirling around the 'net.
kobe-and-rice Kobe Bryant - He was with Vanessa off and on then went to London for the Olympics and lost his flipping mind with those Beckys.
rihanna_feature Rihanna - When she was politicking to get back under Breezy's loins, she was sewing her wild oats with anyone else she could.
sanchez Mark Sanchez - He was chopping down Kate Upton, then had rumors of random chicks coming to his hotel room back to back in one night. Then he chopped down and dumped Eva Longoria.
karrine-steffans-superhead Superhead - Because she keeps acting like Superhead.

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