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OJ’s friends have jumped on the snitchin campaign and he could face life in prison if convicted on his kidnapping charges.

Via NY Daily News:

It was double-barreled bad news for O.J. Simpson yesterday as two members of his alleged armed robbery posse struck deals with prosecutors to testify against him. Golfing buddy Walter Alexander, 46, agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy in exchange for his testimony about the Juice’s role in a wild memorabilia heist at a Las Vegas hotel Sept. 13. Co-defendant Charles Cashmore also agreed to testify that guns were “brandished” during the confrontation for a single felony charge of “accessory to robbery.” Prosecutors now have the one-two punch they wanted: witnesses placing two guns at the scene and a Simpson pal admitting the plan was hatched in advance.

“Once he pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery, not armed robbery, that says he was part of an agreement by two or more people to create an illegal act,” said Alexander’s attorney Robert Rentzer. Cashmore, a 40-year-old restaurant worker, said he was doing “what’s right” – just what his mother taught him to do. Simpson’s lawyer in Vegas said the deals were a predictable part of the prosecution’s single-minded strategy. “They’re after O.J.,” Gabriel Grasso said. “He didn’t see any guns.” Still, the deals put new pressure on Simpson, 60, who has been charged with 11 criminal offenses and could face life in prison if convicted on his kidnapping charge.

SMH at how quick the golf buddy copped the plea deal. On top of all this the Goldmans are still digging for their scraps filing a court motion yesterday seeking profits of the sale of Simpson’s million-dollar house in Florida to assist in paying the $38 million they want for “wrongful death”. Guess the $125 fake Rolex wasn’t enough.


  • Setting the Record Straight

    as much as I believe that people are singling OJ out cause they tryin to get him back from that murder case, I cant but have NO sympathy for OJ and the matter.

    damn it!! you were acquitted on murder charges!! thats serious!! your azz should have laid low, i dont care what you were fighting over!!!

    whatever OJ get, he deserves

  • 504okaay


  • ko

    come on now!!! you knew his boys were going to cop a plea deal and start singing like aretha franklin. Looks like the Juice just squeezed himself into a jail cell

  • La. Finest

    Please, like this old ass man was going to do LIFE in prison for OJ. OJ brought this on himself so he can man up and do his time.

  • Oreo Cookie Willie

    Big shocker – No Honor amongst thieves.

  • J

    OJ should have done like Michael and left the country after the trial.

  • J

    Robert Blake was acquitted of murdering his baby momma and we haven’t heard a peep from him since then.

  • Tiray





  • mermaid

    Why couldn’t he just sit down somewhere? He got away with murder and he still want to parade around like white folk ain’t still mad about that. Now what could’ve been six months in the slammer is about to be a life sentence all because you can’t stop flaunting yourself. Looks like the Goldman’s and Brown’s finally have the last laugh. And it will probaly be a Macy’s parade to honor his conviction.

  • Tiray

    Why are so many black people thinking that OJ murdered his wife?

    Answer: Because the white’s they adore so much told them so!

    Because of the fake “evidence” put on TV’s around the world.

    That murder happened in LA, but little ole ladies in Pittsburgh think they know what happened off Wilshire and Bundy. Ask’em where that is and they coundn’t tell you.( yet they can tell you he did it)


    Is OJ quilty in alot of blacks’ minds, because he dates white women?


  • Tiray

    thanks for the thoughtful insight!

    I’n floored my your intellect!


  • Shawn

    You just proved my point. I’n and my? You make it easy for me. Thank you too. Dumbass!

  • Tiray


    i’m floored by your intellect!

    little typo there! but you get the picture!


  • OH NO!

    @ tiray

    lmao…ok the pizza guy did it!!

    killed OJ’s ex wife and her lover. Mind you OJ was possessive of Nicole and even beat her azz.

    i guess its important to tip (smh)

  • Tiray

    actually…i gotta tell ya! The only people who really know what happened are the people who ain’t talkin…NOT US! this is where we fall short…..we want to believe the media SO much that we live another life through them…


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