Clown If You Want To: Look At All These Bangers Bow Wow’s Chopped Down In His Career…How Does He Do It?!

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Women Bow Wow Chopped Down

You know what’s fun? Making fun of Bow Wow. From his struggle bars to his struggle career to his struggle movies, Bow Weezy is the booty of at least 12 percent of every joke ever made on the Internet. But despite all of that, Bow has managed to chop down a million women with questionable tastes. And, you know what? They’re mostly all bangers!

Someone explain this anomaly!

Don’t believe us? Check out the bangers Bow Weezy has taken to the chop shop. ALLEGEDLY!

Ciara at The 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Ciara – This was Bow’s first boo thang who broke his sorry heart.

Angela Simmons and Bow Wow

Angela Simmons – They dated for a while too. No fair!


Dollicia Bryan – He was chopping her down back in the day when she was the apple of every rapper’s eye.


Superhead – But really, who didn’t?


Esther Baxter – Bow Wow said she snatched his virginity like he snatched rebounds in “Like Mike.” Who knows?


Wankaego – Bow Wow allegedly chopped her down back in the day.

Joie Chavis And Shai Moss

Joie Chavis – Even his baby momma is a banger.

Melody Thornton

Melody Thornton – He even chopped down a Pussycat Doll. We’re thisss close to hating on him out of jealousy.

paula deanda

Paula Deanda – He allegedly dated her shortly after they did a song together.


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