Stay At Home: Celebrities Who Don’t Need To Hit The Club On New Year’s Eve

- By Bossip Staff


Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Party Tonight

Tonight is going to be a blast. Tons of liquor consumed. Lots of music. A gang of friends and fun shall be had. However, it’s vastly important that we always remember to be as safe as possible and go through everything without incident. That’s why it’s infinitely important to make sure you don’t invite people who will end up getting into fights or getting arrested.

That’s why these celebrities should probably stay their a$$es at home…or else we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw them in jail at some point tonight.

dmx 080712

DMX – He gets DUIs and traffic violations every three days. Lock him in a basement please.


Katt Williams – When was the last time he left his house and didn’t get arrested? STAY. AT. HOME.


Chris Brown and Drake – You can invite them to the party…just not together.

Dez Bryant Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys – Dez Bryant has a curfew and another player killed a teammate from drunken driving. SMH.

Grey Goose Cherry Noir Hosts Trey Songz Album Release Party In NYC

Emily B. – She allegedly tossed bottles in the club over her man. Maybe a nice movie and cup of coffee will be good enough for her.


Lindsay Lohan – Any chances she doesn’t get a DUI tonight?


Rick Ross – With all the gangs coming after him, maybe Rozay should sit this one out.


Tami – She’s always looking to fight…when the liquor’s in her system this probably won’t be any different.

bobbi kris

Bobbi Kristina – She goes a little too hard with the booze and other extracurriculars too.

Allison Pill

Allison Pill – Remember her? Allison got so wasted she accidentally tweeted a nude photo and spent the night talking about her farts.


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