Ho Sit Down: Fantasia Comes Out Against Same-Sex Marriage And Says All Gay People Are Going To Hell!

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So getting knocked up by a married man is cool?

Fantasia Comes Out Against Gay People

Via MJs Big Blog:

Unless this is a hoax, this photo is a screencap from a photo and message Fantasia Barrino posted on her instagram account.. It’s hard to unscramble her jumbled mess of a post, but the Season 3 American Idol winner appears to be calling out pot smoking and gay marriage.

Regardless of her faulty logic and poor attempt at making some kind of point (calling out folks throwing stones by throwing stones herself?) Fantasia has managed to cause quite a stir on twitter! She’s getting slammed. Congrats, Fantasia, on alienating a huge portion of your fan base!


WTF!?!?!? Do you agree with Fanny?

Check out Fantasia’s official statement now claiming she LOVES the gays next!


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