Watch The Bump: 10 Reasons Why KimYe’s Baby Will Be Greatest (Ever)

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kim-kard-kanye That moment when the most egomaniacal power couple procreates and competes with their own child for attention? It’s finally happening, and we’re completely here for it. No one baby should have all this power but 2013 already belongs to lil KimYe West. Here are 10 reasons why lil KimYe will be the greatest celebrity baby ever. Watch the baby bump.
kim-kardashian-1024c Kimmy Cakes acting like she’s the first woman to ever have a baby - If Kimmy’s famous for anything, it’s being completely oblivious to everything. After weeks acting like “the only preggo woman to ever suffer from morning sickness,” she won’t understand why every mother in America hates her.
stars_beyonce_Stars_Without_Make_up-s536x492-111822-580 Wrath of Beyonce - This wasn’t supposed to happen. Kimmy was supposed to be smashed and passed through the industry like Rihanna, not preggo with Hovvie Hov’s God child. And now no one cares about Blue Ivy anymore. Bey Bey may never let Blue Ivy play with Lil KimYe.
kanye-west-nike-deal-twitter-rant-02 Random Kanye Twitter rants about fatherhood - Yeezy’s random 67 tweet-rants in ALL CAPS about the joys of changing diapers would be life-giving in every way possible.
kardashians Kardashian jealously - Watching the Kardashians pretend to be happy for Kimmy while they’re completely ignored by everyone for most of 2013 will be hilarious.
kanye west leather dress Kanye presenting the baby like “Rafiki” in “The Lion King” during concerts - Yeezy will be the first rapper to ever perform with his newborn in a glittery, feathery, bedazzled Givenchy sling (or baby backpack).
kanye-2-chainz-bs G.O.O.D. Music Babysitting Duty - 2 Chainz watching the baby while KimYe go out just to be seen? Reality TV gold.
kanye fur Leather Baby leggings - Millions will be disappointed if Yeezy’s firstborn doesn’t rock leather baby leggings with the footies. We will.
Snowman Kanye vs. Paparazzi - Yeezy venting about the Paparazzi violating his privacy while dressed like a mythical mountain creature would be intriguing.
2340459-kanye-west-25-video-617-409 Kanye naming baby after himself, boy or girl - Kanyeesha Kanyeia-Donda-MalcolmMartinBarackObama-West?
crying kim Anti-Kimmy Backlash - Backlash from forever bitter women with worthless baby daddies has already reached critical levels and will only get worse as the baby bump grows. It’s fascinating.

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