Live Performance: D. Woods and Mika Means

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Mika Means and D. Woods

D. Woods and Mika Means of the Girls Club performed at Sobe nightclub in Miami. Seeing as all of the members weren’t there, it looks like it might be a wrap on this Girls Club foolishness before it even got started.  Maybe it’s all for the best anyway.  SMH

More pics up under the hood for ya’ll.
Mika MeansD. Woods, Ball Greezy and Mika MeansMika Means and D. WoodsD. Woods

D. WoodsD. WoodsD. Woods

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  • Proud ArmyWifee

    I Love that natural look

  • http://bossip AKEYS _STAN

    afro sweat

  • Miss Lovely

    Who is Mika means anyway? D. Woods is hardly relevant.
    The natural look does look nice, but I bet it’s been bought and paid for.


    She needs to go back to Danity Kane. Diddy needs to get his apology in order.

  • Oshie

    The real Wu Tang needs to chop their heads off. Doo Ahh. Doo Ahh.

  • alisha

    lol at d woods

  • http://bossip (Tonnie).....uptown born, east coast raised, west coast living..frequent flyer mileage....N.O. skitzo..(504)

    natural and sexy…thats always a good look 4 sistas.
    d.woods can get it….

  • Suspect (Black Male)

    D Woods has one of the tightest bodies in the industry!

  • dayg715

    d. woods looks HOT as hell. i LOVE her look!!

  • BE

    D Woods looks nice! I like that hair style on her..I don’t know who the other chick is but she looks okay too

  • MeanGurl

    um..why did the girl in back pin a afro wig on the back of her head when she has slick hair up front?? Somebody needs to call the fashion police and give her a ticket for that shat.

  • Katherine

    i dont care about Girls Club, D. Woods go back to Danity Kane…

  • ????????

    If Rhi Rhi can stay with looks but no talent then D. Woods can stay too. She’s a beautiful black girl. If you’ve got to sell sex Miss Woods please sell it to the highest bidder.

  • ☆ Lola A♏ ★

    NEXT :arrow:

  • He's my ROC

    Her body is on point.

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