The Side-Eye: Rihanna Throws Up Angry Bird Message On Instagram For All Her ‘Haters’

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Damn…why you so mad??

Rihanna caught a lot of heat after pictures came out the other day of her and current-ex Breezy; the ‘couple’ were seen out in LA grabbin’ some Slurpees.

Jokes and angry comments were tossed around in response to their latest antics and, we’re pretty sure RihRih threw up her hands and opened up the best photo editing app she could find on her phone, cause she posted up her angry (demonic lookin’) message on Instagram with a quickness.

Here’s our question for you though…

Is this really a good look or is this whole ‘bad girl’ persona getting a little old? For someone so talented and influential in young girls’ lives, shouldn’t she be doing more?

She had mixed responses to her Instagram post and, while lots of her fans were supportive, she had lots of folks asking why.

One can only hope she’ll quit tryin’ so damn hard, get her sh*t together, and stop runnin’ around with this fool who’s openly gettin’ it in with other women.

Maybe then she’ll give a f*ck. SMH.

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