Poor Yeezy: According To State Law Kris Humphries Is Legally The Father Of Kim Kardashian’s Soon-To-Be Swirly Baby!

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Where is Maury??!?!

Kris Humphries Is The Father Of Kim Kardashian’s Baby


Kimmy Cakes is in a major jam, as a legal expert says that since she is still married to Kris, he is legally considered the father of her baby with Kanye West.

Via HollywoodLife reports:

Kim Kardashian has been trying to end her marriage to Kris Humphries for quite some time, and it is becoming more clear now as to why she is so desperate to get a divorce. As perviously reported by HollywoodLife.com, Kim “isn’t able to fully embrace” her pregnancy with Kanye West because she is still legally married to Kris, and our legal expert Raoul Felder says that “it is presumed by law that because Kim is married to Kris, that it is his baby.” And furthermore, Kris can attempt to claim custody! .

Kim Kardashian’s Predicament:

Kim is still legally married to Kris, and this means that, by law, he is considered to be the father of her baby, even though they separated over one year ago. Because of Kris’s basketball schedule, their divorce court date will not happen until June, which is exactly when Kim is due to give birth, so she will most likely still be married when having her baby. Kanye had been previously desperate to get Kris out of Kim’s life, now more than ever it would seem!

“It is presumed by law that because Kim is married to Kris, that it is his baby,” says Raoul. “The state has vested interest in not having bastards, so there is a presumption that he is the father. Kim will have to prove that he isn’t. However, he will likely also want to prove that it is not his child, or he will have to pay support.”

Kim is in quite a predicament, because even though Kanye is clearly the father, Kris is still her husband, AND he could even make a claim for custody! “He could get custody, because he is the presumed father,” says Raoul. He advises that Kim should divorce Kris, and do it fast.

“It is in her interest, but it doesn’t matter really because he was her husband when the child was conceived, so he is still presumed the father. I would advise her to give him whatever he wants and get out of that marriage fast.”

While it is still in Kim’s best interest to get divorced fast, the fact that Kim started her divorce proceedings before getting pregnant should invalidate any claim of fatherhood that Kris could make. Thank the lawd!


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