So You Say You Want a Whooty, Huh???

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For all those seeking to achieve full whooty status, we’d suggest you look at this video a few times and put that initiative on ice; permanently.  If you are lacking a whooty to begin with, and the squats and lunges you’ve faithfully been doing don’t seem to be getting the job done, just deal with it.  Maybe pancake backs aren’t so bad after all. SMH

Shout out to kayLuring


  • Redd Tony

    First Biatches!


  • T


  • T

    ’cause first is overrated.

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    That looks PAINFUL!

  • Cliff

    That was just disgusting.

  • Oshie

    A whaty?

  • adiamondcenter

    Point Proven……….Some whiteys talk about FAT BLACK Chicks…….BUT then go get implant????

  • noni


  • rachel

    Well….sorry white girls there just isn’t a quick “black girl fix” for all of your lacks..ok you got the tans, the lip injects, copy the Naomi Campbell walk, mastered the Janet /Beyonce dance moves…so you wished upon a star for that black booty to make it complete for your conquest of the black mans penis….well!” hold up wait a minute”…looks like you going to need black parents for this ONE! HA, HAA,,,HEEE!

  • Detroit All Day!


    I think this is directly to Black chicks, White chicks and anybody else contemplating getting butt implants (as you may recall from a previous Bossip post of black and white chicks getting the procedure done).

    But the chick in this video looks an absolute MESS! The implants don’t even look natural ugh!

  • FoxyBlackFemale

    Dumb ass slut

  • BE

    Just work with what God gave you! I mean this is outrageous……

  • memchee7

    women naturally get heavier in the hip, butt, and breast area as they get older… need for surgery.

  • adiamondcenter

    I hear you ……..but they copy the bLACKs allday ..most of us been had ass…..Whiteys love to copy…my opinion

  • Kigali (Channeling her inner Dr. Laura and Judge Judy for Bossip retards)


    Seriously, dont go there.

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