Some NFL Playoff Swirl: Seahawks Rookie QB Russell Wilson Is Married To Brady-Bunch Lookin’ Becky

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Surprise, surprise…

Seattle Seahawks Rookie Russell Wilson In Swirly Marriage With Long-Time Girlfriend

Yesterday Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks won a big, wild card, playoff game against The Washington Redskins and fellow rookie and serial swirler Robert Griffin III.

Being that Russell and the Seahawks have not played very many nationally televised game, you may not be familiar with former North Carolina State/Wisconsin quarterback. Russell is married to a blonde-haired Becky named Ashton Meem, the two have been together for several years prior to him being drafted to the NFL. In some cases black athletes date, marry, or impregnate white women that make you say “Ok, I see how he got caught up”.

Take a look at the pics and decide for yourself if Ashton falls in this category

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