On The Prowl: LeBron James Gets Put On Blast (And Maybe In Trouble With Wifey) Over Following This Bangin Becky On Twitter

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LeBron James Follows AJ McCaron’s Girlfriend On Twitter

If you caught the BCS National Title Game last night between Alabama and Notre Dame then you caught the commentators ogling over Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb. She’s Miss Alabama and quite the looker. In fact, the TV guys couldn’t stop talking about her. Immediately after the cameras focused on her, she gained 90,000 new followers.

One such follower was LeBron James. As soon as he started following her, Twitter exploded calling LBJ the biggest creep ever and making fun of his thirst. Soon after the net started clowning him, Bron unfollowed and pretended it never happened. Of course, the rumor floating around is his fiance Savannah may have stepped in and put the kibosh on his whole thirst-quenching venture.


With all that said, we do kind of understand why Bron followed baby girl. She is quite the banger. And thanks to the wonderful invention called the Internet, we have a few pics of her in all her bangin’ bawdy glory. So let’s take a look at the women who had Bron sleeping on the couch last night.

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