On To The Next One: Has Usher Passed On “Grandma” Grace Miguel In Favor Of Her BFF?

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We discovered the horse loving beauty is none other than Ciarra Pardo, BFF and business partner to Usher’s girl Grace in their video production company Les Enfant Terrible. She also posted photos landing in the copter.

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So what’s the deal? Did Usher really do Grace so dirty as to dump her for her homegirl???

Granted, the rumors have been running rampant for some time that he’s been tag-teaming the two, especially after fans in Los Angeles were treated to Ush pulling Ciarra onstage at a December 2011 where he grinded her so hard, people assumed he had to be chopping her down.

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Considering this photo Ciarra shared, we don’t think Grace is entirely out of the picture just yet. Sometimes it just ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have some too.

Ladies, would you ever share a man with a friend? Is Usher even worth all that?

Hit the flip for some new shirtless shots to help you answer that.

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