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Here is a little something for the stans, Beyonce performed in Moscow last night.

We wonder if she is played out with the Russians too?


  • 504okaay


  • ?????

    Hasn’t she wore this b4

  • cherished

    Must be a slow news day……….

  • ldjdk

    Dress looks familiar

  • Linda

    I like B she looks a little tired.

  • Linda

    Is she wearing gold shoes with a silver dress???

  • v-fromROCK

    She looks like a wax figure.

  • stan-b-gone

    lmao! she wore this before because this is one of her stage costumes for her tour and she’s back on tour! damn. people are simple!

  • Traycee

    I’m a lil disappointed that she wouldn’t downplay her wardrobe to do that other concert. 504………where ya at???

  • greenivy

    I’m sorry, but Miss B can do no wrong in my eyes!! She is doing the damn thing! How many 26 year olds can say they have achieved what she has??!

    People have to remember that, yes, she is a star, but she is still a young woman who is trying to figure out her life’s purpose and direction…. just like every single one of us!


    Selling out concerts, getting rave reviews dont sound like being played out to me and she did this in the US also, so if this is played out, I wish someone would play my poor but out…

    True talent will continue to grow…….

  • Dolla Bill

    It’s about damn time…Now get some updates on TI please?

  • versace

    You know when it’s a black site, when they start posting after 12pm.

    I think Leona Lewis is going to kill the scene when she comes out. She has a beautiful voice, beautiful face and body and with her own hair. Beyonce who?!?!!? Her new video Bleeding Love is on Fire!!!

  • Aphatty

    She stay with a windmaker or five don’t she?

  • Bahama Mama

    well at least it’s the dress ain’t gold

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