Is Bill Cosby An Uncle Tom?????

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Bill Cosby recently hit up Oprah and discussed his speech in 2004 where he attacked Black parents for buying kids $500 pair of shoes vs. investing in education.

Multi-millionaire Bill Cosby should use all that time he spends talking and find some creative solutions for “ignorance” and poverty.

We are not the only one who thinks Bill Cosby is “out of touch”.



  • redink

    how is that uncle tomish?

  • Sparkle

    The problem that “us” african americans are having with Bill Cosby is that……”WE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!”

  • 4 Real

    I concur with Sparkle and I ask the same question as redink

  • LevelX

    I don’t understand why that comment would make him an Uncle Tom, when parents should be called out for investing more in their children’s appearance than their future. Parents should teach their children to make money and not waste it on items that will be replaced by the newest, hottest trend. Thats why you have people living with their mothers, not paying for child support but have brand new rims and fronts. The right values are not being instilled. I do think this is more of an economic issue than a race issue. I believe people in certain economic brackets, who live in specific demographic areas have this ghetto fabulous outlook on life, that doesn’t go beyond nice clothes, cars and jewelry.

  • Mrs. Teacher

    Bill Cosby is valid in his observations. You can say what you want but I have worked nine years as an educator in the public school system and it is a disgrace the way we (Black/African-American)devalued education. Its exhausting when I have two poor children in my class, one black and one white, and the black parent never shows up for anything but more often than not the white parent does. Sadly, it is most often the black child who speaks incorrect english and curses constantly. We have to wake up and stop blaming everyone and take a good look at our behavior. I am saddened daily by what I see in the school. But we continue to be mad a Cosby for airing our dirty laundry. We need to mad at many of our Black parents for creating the mess.

  • Royal Chocolate

    I agree with everyone above. When will we start learning? I don’t have kids but even when I say something along these same lines to folks a year or 2 younger or older than me, all I get is “flack” for “acting like I forgot where I came from”.

  • JayL

    yea i agree a lot of black parents do that..but lets not speak for all. i wont say “we” more like “they” because the way i and everyone around me was raised was completely opposite, BUT it still needed to be called to attention and the only people who get mad are the ones who do it!

  • Bryant's Gyrl

    True Dat Sparkle….I feel ya…Bill is just speaking the truth….They got kids out there pop lock and droping it but don’t know their ABC

  • diplomatic

    Why would you call Bill Cosby an Uncle Tom? because he criticize us? Would you prefer instead he advocate pushing drugs because that seems the only acceptable message in our community

  • VanGogh

    I have learnt a lot more on how the world works by reading “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein; than any thing or observations that Mr Cosby will make about poor blacks and others. I do not know where he gets his information because most of the black people I happen to know are hard-working and decent, for I am wee aware that I can choose my friends, etc.

    I totally ignore anyone (Mr Cosby) who speaks in general ancedotial terms without empiral evidence.

    I am aware that while his views my apply to people, it does not apply to others, and the only reason his bullying ass is on TV is because he hates black people.

  • The truth

    Bill cosby is no uncle tom. He just speaks the truth which is what most people don’t want to here!

  • Kay

    The truth hurts! He is right! He is not a so called “uncle tom” for his comments. I am so sick of see our youth who can’t read or write, but know all the latest words to some degrading song or wearing the latest shoe/purse/clothes.

  • nyp

    the title alone speaks to this issue. i see nothing wrong with what bill cosby said because for too many working class or working poor families, his observations are correct. while i understand why having a $100 pair of basketball shoes makes one feel nice, but if you’re still living in the projects or eatting chips for dinner, something has to change.

  • MJB's #1 Fan

    Although Bill has valid points, what has he done to correct the problem? I know he gives a lot of money to Morehouse and other colleges, but the problem starts way before a child gets to college. Go to the middle and high schools and start there. Unfortunately, most the parents that need to hear his comments probably don’t make it to the college level.

  • diplomatic

    I love this site and i check it each morning, but this was really uncalled for. This is how we’re in the state we’re in now. Anytime somebody says we should do better they’re an uncle tom. If we try to study, we’re acting white. If we’re in the corporate world, we’ve sold out. Like Dam come on now. smh.

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