Hate It Or Love It??? Wiz Khalifa Finally Does Something With His Hair, But Why?? [Plus Amber Rose Baby Shower Pics!]

- By Bossip Staff Categories: Babies, Bangers, Get Your Life Together
Wiz twisted hair Uhhhh.... Wiz, we're gonna keep this short and sweet, just like your struggle twists (we don't DARE call them "braids"). We know you and Amber must be over-the-moon excited that your bundle of joy is soon to be born, but that is no reason to go walkin' around lookin' like the lost member of Arrested Development. Sure, you've been growing your hair out for a little while now, and that was a good look for you and your new "black rock star" steez. These short, raggedy, dookie jawns ain't it. Remember when THIS happened? Jamie Foxx twists Or perhaps this... DL hair Don't go out like that Wiz! Do you like the smoked-out rap singer with this hairstyle or does Amber need to keep it real with him and say: "Baby, you need to stop that isht." As a bonus, hit the flipside and peep the precious pics that Amber shared from her east coast baby shower! Images via Instagram

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