Fawk You, Pay Me: Kimmy Cakes Demands Kris Humphries Pay Her Legal Fees Since He Refuses To Finalize Divorce Unless She Admits It Was A Fraud

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Kim Kardashian Demands Kris Humphries Pay Her Legal Fees For Dragging Out Divorce

The divorce drama between Kimmy Cakes and her future ex-bitter baller boo Kris Humphries seems to be getting messier by the minute. Even thought both parties have moved on to other relationships and even though the marriage only lasted a mere 72 days, the Dumped Hump insists on being the wet blanket that won’t go away.

via Huffington Post

In conjunction with legal handlings that have been drawn out since their October 2011 separation, Kim Kardashian is now saying she wants ex-husband Kris Humphries to pay for her hefty attorney fees.

Because Humphries refuses to officially divorce Kardashian unless she acknowledges his claims that their marriage was a fraud, there’s a chance the couple technically will still be married at the time the reality star gives birth to her and boyfriend Kanye West’s baby in June — and Kardashian is none too pleased about that.

But while people close to Humphries reportedly are urging him to settle the case and walk away, Kardashian is demanding that the Nets player take care of her lawyer’s bill after putting her through this ordeal for a year and a half.

TMZ reports that no evidence has been presented that legitimizes Humphries’ claims. Kardashian feels her 72-day former flame is being “spiteful and vindictive.”

Are we the only ones who think this is all getting a little ridiculous on the Hump’s part? While he’s definitely entitled to make sure he doesn’t get screwed over with the divorce settlement, why is he not just as ready for all of this to be over as Kim is?


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