In White Folks News: Audio Of Lindsay Blohan Cursing Out “Canyon” Co-Star For Acting Up On Set: “Do Your F**KING JOB!!” [Video]


Why do people keep hiring this broad?!?!

Lindsay Lohan Has Angry Confrontation With Co-Star On “Canyons” Set

According to TMZ reports:

TMZ has obtained an audio recording from the set of “The Canyons” … in which a pissed off Lindsay Lohan tears into her co-star during a rehearsal … saying, “Do your f**king job!!!”

Sources tell us … the audio was recorded on the 3rd day of production, while Lohan was working on a scene with the male lead in the movie, freak flick star-turned-actor James Deen.

During the rehearsal, the director can be heard instructing Lohan and Deen to walk through a scene and “take it all the way to the kiss … ’cause that’s certainly going to be important.”

But when the director yells “action” … something goes wrong … and a frustrated Lindsay explodes:

“No, can you do it … Please James, say your line as you’re walking over … cause we’re doing rehearsal … do your f*cking job.”

Listen to the heated exchange in it’s entirety below.

Ok, maybe ol’ boy was being a d-bag, but c’mon now, who is Lindsay to tell ANYONE that they should be more professional at work?! SMH

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