Fake Lo.: Who Is This Jennifer Lopez Lookalike Who Had Twitter Going Ham Last Night?!

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J. Lo Lookalike Mesmerizes Twitter

Last Night the entire Twittersphere was ablaze over these Instagram pics of a woman everyone assumed was Jennifer Lopez. We must admit the resemblance was striking. People were fooled but let's not get it twisted. This was J. Lo last night: 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards [NO Germany, Austria] - Part 2 The other woman is Jessica Burciaga, the lady alleged to have come between Vanessa and Kobe. Whatever the case, she's a banger. Let's not ruin this opportunity to enjoy more of her pics. So here they are, Non-Jenny AKA Jessica Burciaga.
jessica burciaga
jessica burciaga
Jessica Burciaga Daphne Joy Suelyn Medeiros
Jessica Burciaga
Jessica Burciaga 9
Jessica Burciaga 10
Jessica Burciaga 3

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