A Look At Halle Berry’s Absolute Worst Embarrassingly Bad Movies Of All Time

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Halle Berry's Most Embarrassing Movies

Halle Berry has an Academy Award and Golden Globes under her belt for some incredible work she's done in the past.Say what you want about her, but she's got some great roles that she's nailed. Plus she's a banger so she gets bonus points. However, Halle has had some stinkers. From Catwoman to B.A.P.S., she's been in some of the worst movies of all time. Don't believe us? Just watch.
halleberry_11 Bulworth - Halle plays some streetwise kid who shows a politician how to be Black. Read that again. Nothing in that sentence sounded appealing.
82380_halle-berry-in-whiteface-in-cloud-atlas Cloud Atlas - Last year's movie with her and Tom Hanks was supposed to be a masterpiece. Instead, it was a bloated mess.
245136320-07134102 Dark Tide - Even she said this was a bad movie...but at least she met her next ex-husband on set. So that's a bonus for now.
X_Men_3 - 27 - Halle_Berry - 2 X-Men 3: The Last Stand - This was the worst X-Men. Despite her appearance in the first two really good movies, this third part was an abomination.
THE-CALL1 The Call - This movie hasn't even come out yet but it comes from WWE studios and co-stars David Otunga. Her agent is just effing with her at this point.
Catwoman-halle-berry-32006250-460-300 Catwoman - This is widely considered the worst movie of all time and people who say so definitely have a point.
Image-001-Swordfish-5-Halle-Berry-1 Swordfish - Another really bad movie, but at least we got to see her Berries in it.
baps B.A.P.S. - Halle doesn't get enough credit for inspiring a generation of women to find their baby daddies on Maury one day. Truly revolutionary work.
gothika-halle-berry-escape Gothika - The only thing scary here is how bad the plot was.

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