Life’s Not Fair: Artists Who Should’ve Blown Up But Didn’t

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Underrated Artists Who Should Have Been More Successful

For every dream achieved are millions deferred in moments when you’re reminded that life’s never fair, to anyone. Some win (and shouldn’t), while others, like the unlucky artists on this list, never do. Cruel reality, but that’s life. Here are ten artists who should’ve blown up, but never did. Take a look.
jazminesullivancover Jazmine Sullivan - Before Adele, Jazmine was the face of the Scorn Goddess movement. Incredibly-gifted as both a vocalist and songwriter, Jaz could’ve been so much more than she is today. For those unfamiliar, listen to her criminally-underrated album “Love Me Back.” So much talent…wasted.
teedra Teedra Moses - She dropped an undeniable classic (“Complex Simplicity”), faded to the darkest shade of black then signed her soul away to MMG. Now she’s “missing,” probably rotting in the ranch dressing-stained depths of Ricky’s stomach. Free Teedra.
Jody_Breeze_Jody_Breezefrontlarge Jody Breeze - Jody was the complete southern rap package—the prototype. But never could reach that industry power up necessary to advance to the next level. Damn, Jody.
tumblr_lpuzx7O3XZ1ql1m3jo1_500 AZ - AZ’s failure to reach his true potential as an MC will always be one of Hip-Hop’s greatest tragedies.
audrey-hepburn-cover Chrisette Michele - Chrisette was everything R&B/Soul needed at the wrong time, on the wrong label (Def Jam). So talented and marketable, she’s trapped on a label more concerned with keeping Rihanna’s coca levels high than promoting quality artists.
Jadakiss-The-Last-Kiss-cover Jadakiss - That awkward moment when you’re waiting for the inevitable to happen and it never does. Story of Jada’s solo Rap career.
515M-4rWarL._SL500_SS500_ Rell - Artists never really know if their smash hit will be the first or last of their career. “Love For Free” was both for promising Roc-A-Fella crooner Rell.
Smitty Smitty - The famously-infamous ghostwriter/rapper from Lil Haiti had the game’s undivided attention with his smash hit “Diamonds On My Neck” then fell off the planet. In an alternate universe, Smitty has Rick Ross’ career.
ARCHANDROID_COVER Janelle Monae - The one-outfit wonder is the most known/widely-unknown artist in Pop music. More popular for her suit collection (of the same exact Monopoly Man suit) than undeniable talent, Janelle just won’t let that corny gimmick go and truly flourish.
tumblr_ltv8aiJCfC1qcq71do1_1319955821_cover Latoiya Williams - Her hauntingly-smoky vocals on the unappreciated gem “Fallen Star” seemed too pure for her NOT to blow but she never did. You may not know her by name, but you’ve heard her incredible hooks on several timeless records.

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