Luther Campbell Calls Spike Lee “Hollywood’s House Negro” For Hating On Tarantino, “Lee Could Never Pull Off A Movie Like Django!”

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Aw sheeeit! Did Uncle Luke just call Spike Lee an Uncle Tom? Yup. Apparently Luther Campbell is sick and tired of Spike Lee hollerin’ and wailin’ over Quentin Tarantino’s new movie Django and his use of the n-word.

In the latest edition of his Miami New-Times “Luke’s Gospel” column the 2 Live Crew front man tears Spike Lee a new one:

Screw Spike Lee. Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained is a brilliant flick that more accurately depicts the African American experience than any of the 15 movies about black culture Lee’s directed in his lifetime.

Lee needs to get over himself. He’s upset because Tarantino makes better movies. The man who put Malcolm X on the big screen is Hollywood’s resident house negro; a bougie activist who wants to tell his fellow white auteurs how they can and can’t depict African Americans.

Campbell further defends Django saying that,”some of the most brutal scenes in Django Unchained are metaphors for the unfair racial inequality African-Americans still experience today.”

He goes on to describe numerous scenes from the movie before delivering his final “Ho Sit Down” to Lee:

Lee could never pull off a movie like this. When he’s not being an azz from his court side seats during New York Knicks games, he’s making bull crap films that most African Americans cannot relate to.

Spike is upset because Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie is just like him: a conniving and scheming Uncle Tom.

So, do you agree with Uncle Luke or did he go too far?

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