Trash TV Royalty: Top 10 Greatest Reality TV Stars

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Steviej Photo credit: Twitter Reality stars, like cartoon characters and rapper/actors (Rick Ross), have a special place in everyone’s heart. Without them, the world would be flat and 43% more stressful. Hate/love them, you need them to fuel your life’s guiltiest pleasures. Here are the ten greatest reality stars. Take a look.
197ac71858e611e2ace922000a1f90f6_7 Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Flavor of Love - “New York” pretended to enjoy licking the fried chicken grease off Flav’s ashy golds long enough to become a trash TV icon. She’s everything upcoming reality stars strive to be, and provided the blueprint for spin-off success. Photo credit: Instagram
tanisha Tanisha, Bad Girls Club II - This gigantic, filthy-mouthed, Brooklyn-bred bully was a cold piece of work who didn’t give a crispy damn about anything. Ever. When the roommates weren’t trying to poison her, she was poppin’ off…about everything. BGC, Season 2? Classic. Photo credit: Instagram
photo Stevie J, Love & Hip-Hop: ATL - Steebie is the most sociopathic, manipulative and shamefully-entertaining reality show creep alive. Living trash TV legend. Photo credit: Twitter
nene Nene Leakes, Real Housewives of ATL - She’s a shady ’ole moose-built hoodrat (with class) and we love her. Without Nene, RHOA isn’t must-watch trash TV.
daband Dylan, Making The Band - No one will ever spit hot fire like Dylan Dilinjah spit hot fire. Top 5 rappers of all-time? Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, DYLAN…and Dylan. In that order.
ruth Ruthie, Real World: Hawaii - She probably doesn’t remember any of her Real World experience because she was wasted the entire season. Originator of the YOLO movement, Ruthie was always TURNT, and nearly died during the show.
tami-roman-pic1 Tami Roman, Basketball Wives - She’s the messiest reality show villain whose legendary syllabic hoodrat handclap while screaming made her trash TV royalty.
Steven Photo credit: Instagram Stephen, Real World: Seattle - He only made this list for open-hand slapping a white woman in public and gleefully skipping away without consequences. To this day, it’s one of the surrealist (not really a word, but whatever) moments in Black history.
coral Coral, Real World: New York (and 73 other random Challenges Shows) - She’s the most combative, psychotic, thoroughly-entertaining Black woman in Real World history with the most reality show appearances in TV history. No seasons off. Photo credit: Instagram
Snooki From Jersey Shore Gets Arrested Snooki, The Jersey Shore - The fun-sized Jersey slore socialite with the iconic hair poof…thing bippity-bopped into pop culture infamy as the face of the trashiest reality show ever.

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