Sneaky Freak: RihRih Caught Creeping Into Chris Brown’s Crib For Some Late Night Naughty?

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Singers Rihanna and Chris Brown are working together, but leave the studio separate.

Chris Brown and Sean Kingston were spotted leaving the studio together after hours of working at the same studio as Rihanna.

Rihanna and Chris Brown working together leave the studio separate

According to HollywoodLife the pair have been working towards this collaboration for some time:

A source close to Chris tells EXCLUSIVELY, “They’re collaborating on a song right now. They’ve got something in the works.”

They had plans to record a long time ago but a giant fight put their plans on hold.

“They’ve been talking about the song so that isn’t new — they were suppose to be doing it months ago but sh*t got out of hand between them and they shut it down but now they’re back on it.”

Although they were spotted together, that doesn’t mean Rihanna is ready to completely forgive Chris for hanging out with his ex Karrueche Tran on Jan. 6.

“Rihanna, you know, she goes hard on him and that session last night was all business. Trust me, it was straight business and work. Her people were there, Chris had some boys there too, but it wasn’t anything other than work.”

“They’re both serious when it comes to making music so whatever they were fighting over, they put that sh*t aside to collab together. I’m not saying they’re not in love or together or anything like that, but it was just strictly 100-percent business the other night. And that’s cool, too. No love lost.”

Unfortunately for Rihanna, Karrueche is still involved with Chris, both personally and professionally.

“She’s still in the mix….she ain’t going nowhere. To tell you the truth, she will always be in his life in some way. It’s just the way it is and nobody can do anything about that.”

And if you think he’s going to choose between Chris and Rihanna anytime soon, think again!

“[Chris] brought this on himself, he wanted and got everything he asked for so it’s on him. He cool with it, he’s winning in the end.”

The site also says Breezy kept close tabs on the singer during their period of not speaking:

“He sees everything Rihanna does and posts on Instagram — sometimes before she even posts the s**t,” a source close to Chris says. “And no, [he] ain’t tempted by anything she posts. How could he be? He’s had everything. You see what those photographs do, he ain’t tempted by s**t; he sees and I doubt she’s trying to tempt him.”

But while her raunchy pics may not tempt Chris, that is not to say he does not appreciate her physique.

“Chris thinks Rihanna is sexy as f**k and anytime she’s on the cover of something you know that [he] got his eyes on her. He keeps close tabs on her especially when they ain’t talkin — like now. But they cool.”

These two just can’t stay away eh?

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