It’s Not Just Us: A Gallery Of White Celebrity Men Who Have More Than 3 Baby Mamas!

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White Celebrity Men With More Than 3 Baby Mamas

In the wake of Shawty Lo's now-defunct Oxygen reality show "All My Baby's Mamas" being cancelled, we noticed that most of the criticism came from folks arguing that Shawty and his bevy of baby mamas are a disgrace to our esteemed race. The "baby mama"/"baby daddy" terms are historically awkward and uncomfortable to many in the African-American community due to their negative connotation and the way in which they help propel negative stereotypes. That said, black men are not the only folks who have freely spread their seed around to multiple women, but somehow, they are always depicted as the most irresponsible in regards to their "peen protocol". Fact is, some of Hollyweird's biggest, brightest, and whitest stars have been known to pop off inside their wives and girlfriends with reckless abandon! Hit the flippy to see which paler celebs could have just as easily ended up on show just like Shawty Lo's. Image via WENN/SplashNews
r boris becker 090412 Tennis star Boris Becker 3 Children 3 Baby Mamas
winter wonderland 221112 Rock N'Roller Rod Stewart 8 Children 5 Baby Mamas
r sarkozy bruni 311011 President Of France Nicolas Sarkozy 3 Children 3 Baby Mamas
kevin federline 190511 Kevin "K-Fraud" Federline 5 Children 3 Baby Mamas
how do you know premiere 141210 Jack Nicholson 4 Children 3 Baby Mamas
clint eastwood 030110 Clint Eastwood 7 Children 5 Baby Mamas
Sheen Charlie Sheen 5 Children 3 Baby Mamas
Brando Marlon Brando Marlon Brando 11 Children 4 Baby Mamas
Costner Kevin Costner 7 Children 3 Baby Mamas
Mick Jagger in Rome with girlfriend L'Wren Scott and his children Mick Jagger 7 Children 4 Baby Mamas

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