Bitter Bolitics: Money Mitt Skips President Obama Inauguration Ceremony And Refuses To Watch It On Television

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You mad, Mitt Money?

Mitt Romney Skips President Obama Inauguration To Stay Home

Former failed Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is apparently still licking his salty wounds from the L that he took in November.

While Mitt’s Vice Presidential hopeful candidate counterpart was among the crowd in Washington, DC for the newly reelected President Obama’s Inaugural ceremony and festivities earlier today, Mitt wasn’t even in the vicinity……..nor did he plan to watch it on television.


It’s chilly on the Capitol steps today, but that’s no problem for Mitt Romney.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on election night in Boston. He is spending inauguration day in La Jolla, Calif., according to an aide.

The former Republican presidential contender is spending Inauguration Day at his home in La Jolla, Calif., where it’s sunny with a forecasted high of 73 degrees.

An aide told NBC News that the former Massachusetts governor and his wife have “no big plans.”

Asked if the governor was likely to watch the inaugural ceremonies today, the aide said, “Doubtful.”

Stay classy, Mitt.

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