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In Jermaine Dupri’s new book Young, Rich, and Dangerous he states his opinion on Justin Timberlake:

“I think Justin Timberlake is a talented performer. But he’s very ordinary-looking. He could be any skinny white kid from the suburbs of Orlando. You could go to the mall and find another Justin. He doesn’t make his style interesting even when he’s onstage. To me, he just doesn’t look like a star.”



  • lexdiamonz

    WTF!!!!!!! and you do!!!! Jermaine go stand your ass up cuz you already look like you sitting down shrimp and Jaws called he wants his damn teeth back

  • The Real Essence 1

    JD sounds like a hater. funny how brothas find harm in Justin but were willing to resurrect Britney’s washed up never been cute fake crazy ass!

  • Marquella

    I guess that means JD isn’t doing collaborations with JT???

  • http://www.myspace.com/msmeka2cute Mz_Magnificent1

    Well JD is entitled to his opinion BUT obviously millions of others beg to differ!!!

    Don’t be mad b.cuz Janet hooked up with his ass back in the day…if it wasn’t for the infamous incident she would still be feelin JT.

  • RJ

    Has Jermaine looked in the mirror lately? Or maybe he’s just mad cuz Justin got to Janet first? That was the rumor for a minute there, that JT and Janet got together while they worked on that track on his first album…. Maybe Jermaine just mad cuz JT is killin the industry right now and he can’t even get a single some airplay…

  • Bori

    Why so bitter JD? Looks like you just jealous… It’s not a good look.

  • Nicefellow31

    LOL! Talking about how somebody looks. He has got some nerve. Must not be many mirrors in the Dupree household.

  • birdy

    JD look like he got that wood and could possibly know how to work it.

  • wow

    JD got extra nerves to go with his tiny baby teef tryin to talk about anyone else. JT look way better than JD, I’m not a fan of JT myself, but for JD to talk ANYTHING about his ordinary look. JD wishes he could look ordinary because that fool ooooogllly booogly.

  • kaykay

    hater justin timberlake is far from average he is so fine and talented jd trying to hate on him because janet gave him some ms.jackson if you nasty lol

    and he trying to stand up for his woman lol



    Are you pissed because JT can actually tell you what your wifey’s name for her right breasticle is?

    How much hate is that my dude? I can find another you at the corner bodega for sure…with the same nappy head and ashy lips.

    Just be happy someone thought to give you a chance with all that money and still no style.


  • UptownGirl

    He has got to be kidding, trying to call somebody out on their looks?! WTF!!!

  • Apple

    Justin is average…He doesn’t look like a Robin Thicke or a Brad Pitt…He’s just “average”…And he’s from TN..I’ve been and there are tons of JT’s walking around..JD is right..

  • yeah
  • Miss Sucka for Love

    But he sure as hell doesn’t dance like any white boy you see walking in the mall…JD style isn’t all that either, go lick Janet’s coochie or something. =l

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