C’mon Son: Top 10 Worst Rapper Names

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Waka-Flocka-Flame-Hard-in-da-Paint Rappers can choose any name in the universe but routinely sabotage their own career with cringe-worthy monikers, like those on this list. Rap names may not seem that important but they are to this fickle, fad slorish generation of consumers. Here are the ten worst rapper names in the game. Take a look.
0000498282_500 Mr. Cheeks - He’s a classic example of a rapper you wanted to like (and probably should’ve liked), but couldn’t, because his name was Mr. Cheeks.
cover Tity Boi - All his Rap life Tity Boi hadsta fight until he finally changed his name, upgraded his swag and reached his true potential. Truuuu.
{88D9C6DE-423E-49CE-AC7C-92D340B11161}Img100 Silkk the Shocker - There was never anything silky about the No Limit struggle-rapper’s stuttery "Porky Pig"-flow. Shocker? Him having a “greatest hits” album.
2698092 Flo-Rida - Why would God allow a rapper from Florida named Flo-Rida to be THIS successful? What’s the message?
00_Waka-Flocka-Flame-Salute-Me-or-Shoot-Me-4-Offcial-Mixtape-X-DJ-Holiday-2012-Front-DjLeak Waka Flocka Flame - He named himself after the sound Fozzie Bear made on “The Muppet Show” a pistol makes when fired because that’s what rappers who scream like someone poured hot grits in their dreads do.
Drank-In-My-Cup Kirko Bangz - “Kirko Bangz”…like the dead rock legend Kurt Cobain, but not really? Because that would definitely be clever. And by clever, we mean corny.
stupidcrazyswag OJ Da Juiceman Jew-Man - Why pick a name with 12 letters you can’t even pronounce?
bow-wow-wayne-khaled Lil Bow Wow - Born Shad Moss, the 6th grader-sized “rapper” dropped the “Lil” from his Chuck E. Cheesy name like that would make him grow. Nope. Never happened.
tumblr_m795v2hka21qj4xgo_1342440759_cover Smilez and Southstar - “Smilez and Southstar are the future of Hip-Hop” – no one, ever.
a3e381b0c8a042c53e649110.L Mr. Serv-On - …because every other rap name was taken in ’97.

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