This Broad Truly Ain’t Isht! Houston Woman Bit And Chewed On Her 1-Year-Old Son’s Face Because She Was Jealous Baby Daddy Loved Kid More Than Her!

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You want to see the epitome of a bad mother? Meet Lessielee Ann King, a Houston mother who was hauled in by cops after leaving a bite mark on her 1-year-old’s face!
Via CBS Local reports:

A mother is accused of biting and chewing her own son’s face because she was jealous of him.

According to reports, 20-year-old Lessielee Ann King was charged with felony injury to a child after the toddler’s father told investigators with the Humble Police Department that he found bruises on his little boy’s body.

After arriving home from work one day, the father found marks on his son’s body. He also asked a family friend to move into the home with him, his son and King. That family friend confirmed his suspicions that King was abusing their child.

The father of the young boy told police that he believed that King has anger issues and resorted to taking out frustrations on their son. Photographs of the abuse were given to authorities.

King sits in jail with a $5000 bond.

This ho needs to stay in jail and see how it feels being abused by someone bigger than her! Seriously — what kind of issues do you have to have to take out your anger and jealousy on a baby like that?

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