Mo Money, Mo Problems: 10 Most Dysfunctional Celebs

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chris-brown-xxl-cover-inline Chris Brown’s open-hand slap battle with Frank Ocean was yet another reminder of how consistently dysfunctional celebs can be. Sad, but it's our reality, in a celeb-obsessed era where millions love to watch famous trainwrecks destroy themselves. Here are the ten most dysfunctional celebrities alive. Take a look.
Chris Brown Offends With Mayweather Commentary Chris Brown - Breezy is always a Michael Jackson tribute away from being beloved again which explains why he trolls the universe with his lightskinned rage-fueled behavior. Photo credit: Instagram
dmx 080712 DMX - Dark Man X probably barks at the moon while nekked during rock binges because that’s what druggy rappers with dog fetishes do.
joey Joe Budden - There’s nothing but pure insanity and rage in Joey’s eyes whenever he speaks on “Love & Hip-Hop: NY.” At times, it seems like he’s more interested in bedazzled Lieutenant Dan vests than his own mental health.
kenya-moore-rhoa Kenya Moore - The severely-brain damaged or mentally-ill trainwreck (with Fred Flintstone feet) lives in a reality different than everyone else. What happens in Kenya’s chemically-imbalanced mind, only happens in HER mind.
chrisRi Rihanna - Mollies and mimosas for breakfast, that’s RiRi’s life. Or seems like it, based on her ratchet tweets and obsession with the druggiest, most unwashed Pop star in music.
naomi-campbell-bald Naomi Campbell - Stunning yet completely-insane and abusive, Naomi and her war-torn edges were once in danger of being a stunning, successful, less ashy Kenya Moore.
katt_williams-111 Katt Williams - No celebrity makes getting arrested look like an art form quite like Kat Williams.
35195a3617e911e2ac9b22000a1fb864_7 Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu - Once considered the best overall player in college football, “Honey Badger” waked and baked his life (and possibly NFL career away) at LSU. Popped three times for kush in two years, he was dismissed from the team and labeled “troubled” by NFL teams. Photo credit: Instagram
lupe-fiasco-removed-from-stage-after-anti-barack-obama-comments-0 Lupe Fiasco - Seems like forever ago when everyone loved Lupe. Now everyone wishes he would’ve been thrown off the planet instead of that stage at Inauguration.
Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan - The walking cautionary tale seems more comfortable in the backseat of cop cars than on movie sets and probably always will be.

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