Exclusive: Legal Expert Says Chris Brown Could Get 30 Years For Hate Crime Attack

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While it’s still unclear who started the beef, an eyewitness source told BOSSIP that Breezy actually tried to resolve the dispute at one point:

“Frank started it, Chris was cool, he pulled Frank to the side and was like ‘Yo we don’t need to beef,’ but Frank said ‘Yo, you in my parking spot,'” the source told BOSSIP. “They got into it so Frank’s boy tried to punch Chris outta nowhere so Chris’ boy Hood came and started punching him. They jumped Frank. Chris was punching him and everything moving ni**as away and getting hits in. He stopped because he thought they f***ed up Frank enough but Frank still was trying to get hits in so they f***ed him up again. They were tossing tables and isht, on some bully isht. There was blood everywhere though.”

The source confirms, “It was petty… Way deeper than a parking spot. Chris tried squashing it but Frank wanted to fight. On top of everything else the cop that came was racist as f**k.”

A separate source also told Hollywood Life that Breezy used homophobic slurs during the confrontation:

Chris, 23, and Frank, 25, fought over a parking spot outside the studio, at which time the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer started shouting homophobic comments at openly-gay Frank. A source tells HollywoodLife.com that Chris was saying: “F*ck y’all gay a** n***as.”

SMH real in the field.


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