Maybe She Knows He is a K-Fraud Too

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Mel B reportedly took her K-Fraud’s name off the rights of her new $5 million dollar crib. Has she been reading the experts over here at Bossip? According to the Sun:

Mel is said to be blissfully in love with film producer Stephen. But she wants to protect her assets after a costly divorce from JIMMY GULZAR.

One pal said: “Mel learned a lot from her divorce. “She is smart enough to know she has to protect herself and her children.

Stephen Belafonte will be happy with anything he can get. That promiscuous ‘producer’ label is starting to sound tired, what and who has he produced?


  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    First!! :-)

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Damn, second!! :\

  • Mary J Blige

    in a few months time she will look at this picture and weep. talk about a scary prediction on them t-shirts

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    No wait, it’s a tie dammit…I’m going by the time.

    Anyhoo, great for Mel, I wouldn’t put his name on a darned thing. Protect your assets girl.

  • Creole Princess

    I just visited his imdb page. He’s produced a few things that I have never heard of. Who knows maybe they didn’t come out in the US. He still looks shady though.

  • Lady Architect

    smart move mel!

  • yeti

    The biggest thing he did was help produce “Thank you for Smoking” but only then he was a junior producer. In other words he hasn’t done much. He should try gettin with a musician turned actor that has a film career…then it might help him. Check out all these female musicians making a name for themselves in movies now…Alicia Keys, Mary J. they doing something with their careers. CHeck out their projects at this site…

    Where hip-hop and Hollywood collide

  • versace

    What does taking his name off the title of house means. If he wants and demands money from her he may get it. Did they marry in las vegas or california, isn’t everything 50/50 split no matter what in california? So she would have to pay him by selling off the house. She’s not Halle Berry.

  • LaLa

    That’s good for her…but he’ll probably fight it in the end because he’ll say he was “forced” and he didn’t understand or realize what he was signing.

  • StyleRazzi

    What she should’ve done is got a nice, lengthy PRE-NUP before her dumb @ss decided to jump the broom. She is a lunatic and I feel sorry for the baby who got the genes of two CERTIFIED DONKEY’S running wild through her DNA (eddie and mel)!!!!!!!! ….Check out some photos from Angel aka Lola Luv’s birthday bash……

  • La. Finest

    I keep asking that same question. What has he produced? Anyway its good that she is keeping her and hr children best interest at heart. He must didn’t come in the marriage with too much if she the one buting the house and funding the trips.

  • La. Finest

    *her* and *buying*

  • Mactanque

    i dont like him..

  • versace

    If she wanted to protect herself she should have married someone richer than her.



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