Sorry Excuse For Sorry: Tommy Mottola FINALLY Apologizes To Mariah Carey For Being A Controlling D-Bag Over A Decade After Divorce!

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Better late than never, we guess… It’s been 16 years since Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola’s divorce!!! And now he’s sorry???

Via RadarOnline reports:

Mariah Carey‘s ex husband Tommy Mottola, appearing on TODAY Tuesday to plug his new memoir Hitmaker: The Man and His Music, said that the book “will be the first time” he’s apologized to his ex-wife, whose career he helped launched.

Mottola, in the book, wrote to Carey, “If it seemed like I was controlling, let me apologize…”

Of his controlling behavior, the ex-Sony music mogul explained to Matt Lauer Tuesday, “I think that anyone that is successful becomes obsessive with what they are trying to succeed at.”

Mottola, 63, married Carey June 5, 1993, when he was 42 and she was 22.

He said, “It was absolutely wrong and inappropriate for me to become involved with Mariah, and I’m not saying this because there was a generation gap, I should [have] listened to the piercing voice of my shrink and maintained my distance.”

Mottola said he feels the book will be well-received by his ex, who has gone on to be the elder in her relationship with Nick Cannon.

“I have nothing but the greatest respect for her in the world, she is one of the greatest singers and songwriters that has ever come along,” he said. “So I feel great about all of the things that she has achieved as a result of all of the work that we did.”

They divorced in 1997 and he’s just NOW saying something? SMH.

This guy sure knows how to give an a$$ backwards apology. He just basically took credit for all of her success!


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