Oh, No She Didn’t! Oprah Goes HAM On Twitter After A Follower Said She Looked “Old As Hell”

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Do not shade Oprah ever!

Oprah Puts Twitter Follower On Blast Fro Calling Her Old

During Oprah’s Next Chapter episode, a tweeter, whose profile identifies her as being both #TEAMLESBIAN and #TEAMIPHONE, publicly announced that Oprah Winfrey wasn’t looking too cute. That she did in fact look “old as hell tonight!!!!!!”

Oprah has more than 16 million twitter followers. Oprah doesn’t have time to read all her replies. Oprah’s not going to ever see the dumb things you tweet at her. Right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

Wrong!!!! Oprah has enough time to read all her tweets because Oprah has enough money to do nothing but read all her tweets and she will find you and hunt you down for talking crazy about her. Observe below…


What the hell would have happened if she would have called her fat??? The Illuminati is not happy and you will deal.


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