When The Checks Stop Coming In

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According to some reports, Kelly Rowland has canceled several planned concerts and is not giving out refunds to her dwindling fans.

Damn, Matthew Knowles should have done her right by hooking her up with a post-Destiny Child insurance plan. Poor thang.

In other DS (downward spiral) news, Superhead’s cum in the face tales are not moving the numbers of her first book. It’s been dropping fast on the book charts. It is speculated it will continue to drop down the charts from here.

What do you think the desperate groupie will do next?

Hopefully no one else buys her book, and she will start focusing on her son.


  • lacyd

    Sad for Kelly.

    Happy for Supahead!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Glad her book is dropping. It sticks!!

  • joe

    the vixen diaries was really a disappointment. she should have taken the money and ran fromt he first book.

  • Mary J Blige

    of course she cancelled her tours? they prolly undersold tickets like crazy so the only way she can make a bit of cheddar is by ripping off her few fans. not a good look at all. her management is too wack for words

    i never had to do that. my breakthrough concerts were PACKED! thanks to all who turned up! New album coming in November! request my single ‘Just Fine’

    all my love,


  • T

    Poor Kelly.. as for Superhead, no more words…


    I would jsut like to say that Mary J Blige is one of the most entertaining posters…i love her comment about kendu in the mel b. post

  • StopTheMadness

    It all starts with good sonwriters and producers. They’re the ones who will create hits, and thats what sells albums and sells out concerts. Her album and tour are a flop because she hasnt had any real hits lately.

    Its not rocket science. She needs to get back to the drawing board before she becomes even more irrelevant than she already is.

  • Anonymous4

    I guess America is finally telling Karrine she’s not relevant.As for wht she’ll do next,I agree hopefully it is taking care of her son.

    Kelly get a new manager wh actually wants you to have a successful career.

  • Anonymous4


  • StopTheMadness

    As for Superho, i’m glad her book isnt selling well.

    She’s about her money and her financial security. Watch for her to marry some semi-celebrity real quick before her 15 minutes runs out. It’ll be interesting to see who the poor sucker is.

  • Mase Betha

    Kelly is too ugly to succeed. Period.

  • Anonymous3

    the public has spoken….the first book was enough…the second must simply be ridiculous…after a while it gets old…real old….I can soo see her trying to boost her own lingerie line or better yet her own sex toy line….trust she probably already got the prototypes ready

  • Anonymous3

    Kelly is not too ugly to succeed…that was the most ignorant comment I have heard in quite a while…Kelly’s problem now is what Kelly’s problem was a year ago…the Knowles family….once she stops allowing them to destroy whatever career she has left I think she will succeed

  • Mary J Blige

    i appreciate the love MSABOGADA! a free copy of my new album ‘Growing Pains’ is on its way to you

    all my love

    Mary x



    Thank you. That was the most ignorant comment. Kell is a DYME she just needs to create a new gimmick to sale her self. She is talented just self conscious

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