Just Stay In The House: Celebrities Who Have Embarrassed Their Boo Thangs In Public

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Celebrities Who Have Embarrassed Their Partners In Public

It's been said that money can't buy everything, and in the world of the rich and famous shameless, it certainly can't buy home training. Everyone gets the urge to act a fool at least once in a lifetime......and if you're human, sometimes it even happens. But while it's one thing to embarrass yourself and let someone get the best of you in public while you're alone, it's a whole separate thing to lose your cool and embarrass the person that you're with too. Here are a handful of celebs who got buck in public and have probably enjoyed a lot more dates in doors ever since...
EricaRich Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz She's cursed him out in public and even b*thced him in front of his boys because she was ready to leave the club.   Not to mention karate kicking her babydaddy while they were out in the streets arguing. Classy.
MiMiNick Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon When Barbara Walters asked how their marriage was going during a televised interview, Mariah dropped an obvious hint that Nick might have had some trouble keeping it in his pants. He wasn't too happy about that.
ChrisRih Chris Brown and Rihanna Well, we all know what happened with these two shortly after this pic was taken. He went to work on her face and then left her in the car in a residential neighborhood in the middle of the night. Now that's love.
ScottKourt Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian Among other things, he stuffed money in a waiter's mouth in front of a table full of business associates during a birthday dinner meeting for Kim while Kourtney was 8 months pregnant. Glad he got it together.
SelitaBossip Selita Ebanks and Terrence J She lost it in the club and caught a case for putting her pretty lil paws on a chick that was all up on Terrence.  She can fight for us any day though.
CoCoIce2 Coco and Ice T She was caught on camera kissin' it up in the club with a random rapper while Ice was no where in sight. Messy.com.
aKanye Amber Rose and Kanye West She never admitted to being embarrassed, but she couldn't have been cool with all the crazy ish he did in public. Good luck Kim.

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