Katt Talks About Bitch Slap

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Katt Williams is responding to the allegations that he got the lye slapped out of him.

Peep the “pimp-slapping” Cowboy who lives in the projects but owns $5,000 gator boots, and Katt’s response when you…

This perm-soaked “saga” is getting out of hand, y’all.



  • Raquel26


  • lil latte


  • pm

    I never understood why some famous people go to these ole ghetto ass venues and clubs. Some things are not worth the money.

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  • Raquel26

    Aight….I had to listen to the this clip. I believe his side of the story. Because we all know people who used to get into fights and lost, would be the first one to talk about they won and twist the story.

    Dude with the Brokeback Mountain cowboy hat probably got his feeling hurt and when there was no effect from the slap, he must’ve felt real small. I dunno.

    In any event, is Katt really a pimp? LOL He was with a whole lotta ladies so I was just wondering?


    heeeeeey entertain me bytches thats all that matters….

  • sickofitt

    That was funny. You can’t knock the Cig out of Prince’s mouth with one punch.
    Weak azz nicca. If you hit Prince and you don’t stunt him. DONT TELL NOBODY!!!!!!!!

  • shar

    Maybe because you can take the geezer out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the geezer.

    I love Bossip’s turn of phrase the “lye slapped out of him”.
    That’s no lye lie.

    But aren’t all the kits “no lye” these days?

  • Aunt Viv

    DEAD @ Bossip for “he got the lye slapped out of him.”

  • Raquel26


    Yep. I agree. Just like Chedda Bob….er, I mean Plaxico…why do you have to go into an establishment where you even have to carry a gun on you?

    I guess, PM, they want to still portray that “real” image. I feel it…..but, you cant trust them all the time just cuz they’re from your ole stomping ground. They will rob ya ass too.

    Like Chris Rock said best:

    (talking about the media stereotyping black males)

    When I’m at the ATM, I aint looking for the media, I’m looking for niggas! Classic.

  • dimondfemme

    i think he should have been slapped he is disrespectful as hell. he always talkin abotu bein real but that stunt he pulled on steve was triflin

  • beautiful b

    attempted jacking by a ghetto cowboy? lmao. this shit is damn near better then his stand up routines.

  • http://www.MoutonNoirWines.com Mouton Noir

    you know what they say about rumors-its just a premature fact!!

  • ms meca

    dang them boots really cost 5stacks???

    lmao katt deserved it he always runnin his mouth he just lik an ordinary cat on the street yu run ya mouth yu get served!!!!

    and katt to me is sooo gill(gay)(girlish)

  • WIFEY06


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