A Warm Embrace

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Voletta Wallace and Jay Z

Look at Jay-Z with his arm around Biggie’s mom, Voletta. She’s probably hoping they can hurry up and take the pic so he can get his geeky bookworm ass on somewhere. He’s f*cking up her groove. SMH

Voletta and Spike LeeNasir, Diddy and Faith + family below.

Voletta Wallace and Spike Lee Nas "Diddy" Combs CJ Wallace, Faith Evans and family

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Jay Z Janice Combs Actor Jamal Woolard and singer/actress Naturi Naughton Faith Evans

D-Nice and Malinda Williams Tyrese Gibbons Russell Simmons and guest Jamal Woolard

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  • shar

    I like Jay-Zed’s bookworm steez.

  • shar

    I bet he looks even sexier when he teams it up with a book in his hand.

  • shar

    …and a mathematics geometry set in a tin in his satchel.

  • http://bossip MC WTF

    yeah.. jay look chill. he definitely didnt feel like this was a “dress up” moment.. ROCK that casual jay-jay

  • http://bossip MC WTF

    dammmmmmmmm @ maurice.. LMAO… i guess u feel pretty strong about that, huh? lol

  • http://bossip MC WTF

    iight let me co-sign a lil bit.. lol.. kim does look more like faith today then she ever did.. maurice might have something there.. lol… ppl sweat BIG because they dont know any better… im dont cry for no gangster drug dealer.. live ur life, die ur death. thats all i got right now

  • Stop the hating bossip!

    You hating Jay-z hard bossip!
    He doesn’t deserve that. Jay is great!
    BP3 is coming

  • http://bossip MC WTF

    dammmmm maurice.. PREACH shawty!!!

  • Stop hating

    You always hate the wrong people bossip!

  • http://bossip MC WTF

    yeah i dont know her but i already cant stand mother wallace..

  • boss

    maurice wtf are u talking about?
    just another goddamn HATER..

  • Aunt Viv

    His bookworm steez is worth hundreds of millions of dollars Bossip.

  • circa-81

    Maurice, you sound just as negative as you say Biggie was. B.I.G. is held as being a great MC, and I think people that are into him (me included) are intrigued by his lyrical prowess and not his deeds.

  • ahni

    k ima have to run wit maurice on dis one. kim do kinda try and look like faith and biggie did just degrade women and talk bout drugs. tellin kids the hood is a two way street they either got a hot jump shot or can rhyme otherwise they need to be peddlin drugs. wat kind of nonsense is that? what happened to education. doctors. lawyers. shit. even door to door appliance salesmen. anything.

  • Aunt Viv

    Wow @ Maurice. You’re going hard there, but I hear you.

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