Twitter Files: Future’s Baby Mama Brittni LOSES IT Claiming He Called Her Mother A Beyotch!

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Hell hath no fury like a baby mama scorned

Future’s Baby Mama Brittni Goes In On Him On Twitter For Disrespecting Her Mother

Looks like the tales of Future’s baby mama drama are FAR from over! After sending a couple of subtweets toward her baby daddy’s new boo Ciara last week, Brittni has just fired off (and deleted) a series of angry tweets aimed at the “Tony Montana” rapper DIRECTLY!

Brittni Claims that Future put in a phone call to her mother where he allegedly called her a “miserable b!t$#”

Clearly Brittni didn’t appreciate the disrespect.

Fixed Brittni tweet

This is just the tip of the ALL CAPS iceberg, hit the flipper to read the rest of Brittni’s tirade.


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