Shots Fired: Keyshia Cole Calls Michelle Williams A B**ch And Throws Shade During Destiny’s Child Super Bowl Halftime Performance

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Keyshia followed up with this tweet, claiming that Michelle took some shots at her back in the day which apparently led to her bitter bird Twitter rant:

“By the way The B*tch Michelle said some foul shit while I was performing once. But no one recalls..”


Even though their might actually be some truth to Michelle taking shots at Keyshia back in 2005 when people cared about her before, it really just sounds more like she was being a messy bird and didn’t think people would notice.

Do you think celebrities should be free to say what they want about their peers on social networks without facing backlash? Or should they learn to play nice and keep it in the closet….or at least off of the internet for the sake of not damaging their own careers?



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