Arrests: Malcolm X’s Grandson Popped By The FBI While Traveling To Iran For “Hollywoodism” Conference!

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These bad azz Shabazz kids

Malcolm X’s Grandson Malcolm Shabazz Arrested By FBI Traveling To Tehran

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The FBI has apparently arrested the grandson of controversial civil rights leader, and former representative of the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X according to reports from Press TV.

Malcolm Lateef Shabazz is 29-years-old and was born in Paris to Malcolm X’s second daughter Qubilah. According to MEHR News Malcolm Shabazz was arrested while traveling to Tehran for the Hollywoodism International Conference. No reason was given for the arrest, and Shabazz’s current location is unknown.

The arrest coincides with Lifetimes airing of “Betty & Coretta” a dramatization of the relationship between Betty Shabazz, Malcolm’s grandmother, and Coretta Scott King the widow of the legendary civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. The film stars Mary J. Blige and Angela Bassett.

February 21st also marks the 48th anniversary of the 1965 assassination of Malcolm X in New York City. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated only three years later, both men were only 39-years-old when they were murdered.

In 1997 12-year-old Malcolm Lateef Shabazz plead guilty to charges of manslaughter and arson in connection to the death of his grandmother Betty Shabazz, with whom he had been living with following several disputes with his mother.

No reason for arrest? Sounds like the FBI might be up to some shady shenanigans. We’ll have more as details emerge. Hold ya head brotha Shabazz.

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