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Jill Marie Jones

Good God Almighty…we sure hope Jill Marie Jones gave her kitty a trim because with an outfit like that on, that pussy cat is sure to come out and play.

More pics of Teairra Mari, Taraji P. Henson, Melyssa Ford and Jill and Tank at their birthday party at AREA in Hollyweird below.

Teairra MariJill and TarajiMelyssa Ford and Jill JonesTank and Jill Jones

This is one hard pussy cat to get a hold of…keep trying when you…

Jill JonesJill and TarajiMelyssa Ford, Tank, and Jill Jones

Tank and Jill Marie Jonesguest, Teairra Mari and Tank


  • If Money Is The Root Of All Evil, Then P*ssy Gotta Be The Tree!

    Damn, here kitty kitty!

  • Aunt Viv

    What’s with Melyssa Ford puffin’ her chest out like that? Lookin’ like Hulk Hogan…

  • Aunt Viv

    Not loving the outfit JMJ. I know you’re still getting checks from “Girlfriends” in syndication. I watched the marathon over the holidays!

  • circa-81

    GODDAMN. Thinking nasty thoughts. Hush yourself, Circa!

  • OBAMA----My President has more SWAGGER Than Yours !!!!


  • Raquel26

    I’m feeling that look Jill!


    Jill Marie Jones is beautiful. Nothing like a nice beautiful brownskinned sista.

  • TheNatural

    thats bogus. yall called pleasure p, guest. LMFAO

  • told you so

    Ah! Jill Marie Jones…a beauty woman.

  • John

    WOW…She is so good-looking. She is flawless. Skin…Teeth…Lips…Body (Petite and toned)…WOW

  • John

    I had to comment again…Man, I can’t stop looking at the pic….Seriously….

  • http://BOSSIP MEME


  • BlackLADYDoctor


    Tank meow2times. He played a dirty cop in some straight to video movie he was so good, I still don’t like him. What’s up with M. Ford, why is she posing like that?

  • Lady Architect ( Still Sore From The Personal Training)

    JMJ looks great. She’s very petite and can get away with things like that.

    Taraji has definitely stepped her style game up big time. She looks flawless.

    Teairra is naturally pretty.

  • Christie's secrets

    of course some on here will find her ugly! but give her the complexion of kim kardarshian and boom, she become fine as hell! predictable self haterNi@@a!

    Anyways, jill is a gorgeous woman wih sexy lips! no homo

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