Caught Lookin’ Busted: A Gallery Of The Worst Celebrity Pics That They Probably Wish Were Never Seen

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Naomi Bossip Bey isn't the only one out here looking a hot mess on these internets...

The Most Unflattering Celebrity Pictures

Yesterday, Beyonce's publicist requested that a host of not-so-pretty pictures of her from the Superbowl be removed from the internet and vanished into thin air. Unfortunately for her, other celebrities and just people in general who are photographed when they wished they hadn't been, once something hits the internet, there's a good chance it'll never actually go all the way away. We've all taken pics lookin' busted and disgusted, but when you're a celebrity trying to uphold a certain image, being caught on camera in all your hot mess glory can feel like the worst thing in the world. So because we didn't want Bey Bey to be all by herself, here are a gallery of celebrity pics that they probably wish would just disappear too.
MaiaUn Maia Campbell Maia Campbell went from chocolate goddess to this after a long bout with a drug addiction. She's getting better now....but unfortunately, she'll always have this pic to look back on.
KanYeUn Kanye West There's a little rumor going around that Yeezy wants all pictures of him in rocking a kilt removed from the internet. No word on this abominable snowman outfit that he was photographed wearing at a recent concert, though. Photo Credit: Instagram/WENN
Rihun Rihanna Rih Rih barely steps out without stuntin' in the fashion department and she doesn't seem like a chick who has many regrets either. This picture though? Might just be that one thing...
NaomiUn Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell was enjoying a relaxing vacay when the cameras caught her slippin' in the worst way......and shared it with the world. Photo Credit: SplashNews
BPittUn Brad Pitt Brad Pitt used to be one of the most sought after actors in Hollyweird. Then he started letting his movie roles spill over into his real life and pics like this one happened.
JhudUn Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson's weight loss journey is nothing short of inspiring and amazing. And this picture is nothing short of a hot azz mess.
BReezyUn Chris Brown Chris Breezy has been getting slammed left and right from his fans and his peers for his rapid weight loss and crackish photos. He probably thought his worst picture was the BET MJ tribute when he broke down in tears and faced endless slander.  Nope. Photo Credit: WENN
Kimun Kim Kardashian The Kardashian family has never been one to keep their family business under wraps, but we doubt Kim Kardashian will be doing much more crying on television after these pics... Photo Credit: YouTube
Janet Janet Jackson Janet Jackson's struggles with weight are real life mind boggling. But she usually manages to drop the pounds as fast as she gained them....and then drop the clothes for some bangin' pics. We aint mad.
url-78Usher Usher has had a turbulent couple of years recently....which must have led him to this curly high top fade hairstyle.  Photo Credt: Pacific Coast News
Tyra Tyra Banks We WOULD say that Tyra wishes these pics would disappear, but she usually puts them out herself. Says she wants her fans to know  she's real like them.  Uh, ok. Photo Credit: Twitter
JSimpsUn Jessica Simpson There's nothing worse than trying to lose weigh after you've had a baby with the world watching.....poor Jessica. Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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