No More Sad Songs: Bossip Helps Drake Finally Find The Love Of His Life

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Drake and Nicki SNL

Women Drake Should Fall In Love With

Drake has had bad luck with ladies in his life. He’s been played by Rihanna, rejected by Nicki and insulted by groupies. But he still makes those buttery soft tunes for your enjoyment. Yet, despite his attempts, Drizzy hasn’t found true love to last.

Well, look no further Drake. We found some ladies from your past and others you may not have considered who would be perfect for you!

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Bria Myles – They dated before he blew up, but he should definitely give her another shot. She’s perfecto!  


Teyana Taylor – They’re best friends and all, but it’s time for Drizzy to break out of the friend zone and get in those cakes!

drake nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj – Drake has mentioned how he wants to be dominated and Nicki is definitely the dominant type. We actually see this working out.


Lauren London – Drizzy likes following up behind Lil Wayne’s hoo-ha’s and Lauren is the best Wayne ever had. Plus she’s sweet and all that. Just do it, Drake.


Tyra Banks – They went on a little date a few months ago that looked sorta cute. Drake would probably like an older woman.

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Rita Ora – He loves Rihanna so much that he may fall in love with fake Rih Rih.


Nicole Scherzinger – They had a date as soon as she became single. She could maybe even teach him to sing. Maybe.

Barbara Walters Inteviews Snooki and The Situation

Barbara Walters – Who’s better for a sensitive guy like that than someone who reminds him of his momma. And you know who kinda reminds us of his momma? Barbara Walters. And we bet she’s a total freak, too.

mya ceasars casino 050909

Mya -Yeah.  Go for it Drizzy.


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