Put Them Back in Jail

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This is why the smart folks over here at Bossip don’t support Negro causes “just because” we are told to. Here is a picture of Robert Bailey Jr., a member of the Jena 6. According to a video on Youtube, he was braggin’ about thuggin’ on his Myspace and was caught showing off what looks to be Jena 6 Defense Fund stacks. SMH.

This is worse than Blood Diamond Russ’ partner Ben Chavis spending NAACP donations to keep a sex deal quiet or Blood Diamond Russ defending blood diamonds in Africa while being on the payroll of the diamond industry.

The video with more disturbing pics is under the hood, check it out


  • A.J

    And to think I actually brought two T-shirts to support their defense..damn shame!

  • kai

    Dissapointing at BEST!!!

  • Smartie

    There are no words for this. This needs to get out to the public; to the people who fought for this fool who has chosen to coon and bufoon.

  • Fxytrini

    Jus ignorant!!!

  • KDogg


  • Fxytrini

    Jus ignorant!!! I blame the parents.

  • kigali

    Shame. Shame. Blacks need to quit this herd mentality quick.

  • Just Me

    Sad very sad

  • Tasha

    Dumb Kneegrows! Glad I kept my money in my pocket!!

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    WOW – all the people that defended their honor, and rallyed for them. . . that is a shame.

    All the protesting . . .

  • Geisha

    Very upsetting taking a stereotypical photo! this could screw up his case! Well maybe that mught humble his dumbass!

  • Cynt

    They have never seen money like that before? Sad, cause it’s not a lot. Boo on them.

  • Miss Thang...

    The black community has got too stop defending black men/boys/athletes/entertainers without asking questions. Am I suprised. Hell no. As a matter of fact most black womeon will come to these kids defense and defend this ignorance. You know how we love to throw blind support around ignorant black folk. Especially if that person has some testicles.

    THIS IS A F-KING DISGRACE. And too think I sent a lil’ bit of money to these fools. Black mothers I blame you for this ish’. Stop putting your sons on a pedestal and raise them to be men. Responsible men. The black mothers of these young fools who showed up at the BET awards and now this fool braggin’ about this ish on his myspace site is unbelievable.

    Disgusted in DC

    PS After seeing this, I’m glad one of them went back to jail. Hopefully, the other 5 will follow. No, I won’t be supportin’ this movement anymore. I’m done!!!!

  • singular

    People are soooooo stupid sometimes! I just don’t know what to say. I was SMH when two of them were on the HipHop awards looking like they were apart of some rappers entourage.

  • gemini62065

    While ignorance and immaturity will defintely come to mind, his current behavior does de-value the equal rights afforded to him by the constitution. We may not appreciate everything that some one says or does, but that doesn’t change the rights that should be provided to that individual.

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