Wild About White Girls: Hollyweird Hotties Brothers Wouldn’t Mind Havin’ A Shot At

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scarjo We already brought you a list of the white guys black women love so it's only fair to have a peek at some of the white chicks the bros dig...

Hollywood Actresses Black Men Love

The list got out of hand quickly (cuz ya know brothers will hit just about anything) so we tried to limit this to white girls who don't take black D on the regular. So no Kardashians on this one. Hit the flip to find out who made the cut. Photo Credit: WENN
542178_361588447232389_2081989310_n Charlize Theron It takes a team of makeup artists hours to make this woman ugly. We were shocked and appalled when Hollyweird dared to declare Kristen "Trampire Twat" Stewart more lovely than Charlize in Snow White And The Huntsman. She's friends with Nelson Mandela and now that she's adopted a lil black bundle of joy the brothers are hoping it's just a matter of time before she gives him a black Daddy. Photo Credit: Facebook/Women's Health
alyssa-milano Alyssa Milano Back in the day she made Teen Beat beat-worthy, but even as she's matured into a wife and mother she's retained all the assets that made her so appealing in the first place. Photo Credit: WENN
Anna Paquin Anna Paquin While some brothers may turn their noses up at Anna for exuding a certain "trailer-esque" vibe, the fact that she's bi and has flashed a pretty nice set on nearly every episode of "True Blood" wins most over. And that gap toothed grin she got -- geah we like that too. You'd have to be a fairy not to bite. Photo Credit: Facebook
Kat Dennings Kat Dennings Even if you haven't seen "2 Broke Girls" there is no missing this woman's two girls -- who always seem like they're locked in perpetual battle under her blouse. We don't mind, we'll watch. WENN
Scarlett-Johansson-scarlett-johansson-8836740-1920-1200 Scarlett Johansson C'mon son. Who doesn't want to chop Scarlett's backs to smithereens? We don't even have to say anything about this one. Photo Credit: Dolce & Gabbana
bardot 291208 Danielle Fishel Back in the day when little black boys would sit in front of the tv for TGIF it wasn't for Fred Savage's lil bro. Now Topanga is all grown up and thicker than a snicker, but the brothers would still hit! Blast Lance Bass for wasting her time on his gay a$$. Photo Credit: WENN
Hayden Panettiere Bikini Hayden Panettiere Hayden might have been in the "Bring It On" sequel but she was a major upgrade after Kirsten Dunst's busted cakes... A short thick blonde girl next door that can bust gymnastics moves? You know you wanna hit that. Photo Credit: Details
Christina-Hendricks-e1349723243950 Christina Hendricks Her tig ol bitties had to be sculpted by the Gods... With red hair and lips that always seem to be parted in a way that makes brothers wonder "What that mouth do though?" Photo Credit: Facebook
mila-kunis-gq-august-2011-04 Mila Kunis Any brother will tell you that Black Swan sucked except for the ten minutes when Mila Kunis got Natalie Portman alone in her bedroom. She can sip on our chocolate shakes anytime.
url-7 Tiffani Amber Thiessen OG White Girl Brothers Want To Fawk right chere! "Saved By The Bell" would never have been the same without Kelly Kapowski. Not to mention how Tiffani breathed new life into the original "90210". That damn Brian Austin Green gets all the whooty! Speaking of which, y'all know there's a Part 2 of this list coming right? Put your requests in the comments section.

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