School Daze: Young And Tender Yearbook Pics Of Your Favorite Hollyweird High Rollers

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WhitneyEm "Back in the days when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore..."

Celebrity Yearbook Pictures

Although the most famous of celebrities can often seem miles away from the rest of us here on planet earth when it comes to living regular lives, there are actually plenty of them who were once young, funny looking and forced to smile in a yearbook photo  at some point just like the rest of us. So since it's it's the weekend, we invite you to take a break and stroll with us down memory lane into the wonderful world of hilarious yearbook pics from a few your favorite past and present Hollyweirders.
YB3 Eva Mendes Photo Credit: SplashNews 
url-81 Pharrell Williams Photo Credit:
YB4 Queen Latifah Photo Credit: SplashNews
YB99 Sisqo Photo Credit: WENN
YB2 Mila Kunis Photo Credit SplashNews
YB78 Snoop Lion Dogg Photo Credit: WENN
YB1 Alicia Keys Photo Credit: SplashNews
YB67 Eminem Photo Credit:
YB67 Eva Longoria Photo Credit: SplashNews
YN29 Mr. T Photo Credit: WENN
YB46 Nicki Minaj Photo Credit: WENN

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