Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Kisses Her Jailbird Son In The Mouth During Prison Visit To Pass Him Drugs

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Mother Smuggles Drugs To Her Jailed Son With Mouth Kiss

A New York woman is free on bail after she was caught passing drugs to her jailbird son by showing some mouth-to-mouth style mother-son love.

via Yahoo News

Police say an upstate New York woman passed drugs to her son while kissing him when she visited him in jail.

Sheriff’s deputies in Yates County tell local media outlets 54-year-old Penn Yan resident Kimberly Margeson was visiting her son last week when she hid oxycodone pills and passed them from her mouth to his while giving him a kiss.

Police haven’t said how the drugs were discovered.

Margeson pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of criminal sale of a controlled substance and promoting prison contraband. She’s free after posting bail.

As if it’s not bad enough that your son is behind bars for foolishness, you aid him in possibly getting him more time by smuggling drugs in on a visit. Mother of the year. SMH.

Shutterstock/Yates County Sheriff’s Office

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