You Know It’s True: Top 10 Worthless Group Members Part 2

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boz There’s always that one in the group that we all know is useless but we tolerate anyway. After Pt. 1, it was clear that many of you agreed so, naturally, we HAD to make a Pt. 2. Here are ten more worthless group members. Take a look.
tlc-crazysexycool T-Boz, TLC Be honest, you never really liked T-Boz, that silly azz hairstyle or her “Moe” from “The Simpsons” vocals. You just tolerated her because you loved TLC as a group. And that’s cool, because most people secretly feel this way but will never admit it.
DiddyDirty+Money+feat+Skylar+Grey+dd Diddy, Diddy-Dirty Money The “Last Train To Paris” album was actually kinda dope when Diddy wasn’t all in the way, sabotaging Dawn and Estelle Kalenna’s vocals like only he can. At some point, Diddy just needs to sit his ass down somewhere forever.
druhill-enterthedru Woody, Dru Hill After 17 years, Dru Hill fans still don’t know the widely-ignored member’s purpose. In fact, it’s one of R&B’s greatest unsolved mysteries that no one cares enough about to investigate.
0000011282_500 & Taboo, Black Eyed Peas Before the glow sticks and glitter, they were both key members of the Pop supergroup and then everything changed. Now they just exist in’s shadow as stage decoration/background dancers.
albumjaggedlittlethrill “The other two,” Jagged Edge Jagged Edge will always be remembered as a four-member duo. What “the other two” did during their run, only the twins know.
0000418619_500 75% of Soul For Real Soul For Real was a poor, blind, crippled man’s Jackson 5 (minus one) with members no one can name without Google. We just know they were brothers, with the youngest being the face of the two hit-wonder group.
500_1353519350_619ce863864a6d731ce495c46702613b Drag-on, Ruff Ryderz The fire-obsessed bozo always found a way to spell his name on tracks with all kinds of hyphens, dashes, commas and random punctuation that didn’t belong. Aside from his memorable “Ruff Ryders Anthem” verse, his entire existence was stressful.
tumblr_ltrl2bjDLN1qbk3bso1_cover Mike, 112 His only purpose was to speak for the group during interviews and sign everyone’s name on posters during in-stores. Other than that, it’s unclear what his role in 112 was.
tumblr_lxtdriZQ3G1qc1vfso1_1326588365_cover Group Member #4, Xscape Not LaTocha. Not Tiny. Not Kandi. The...other one, in R&B's roughest looking female group of all-time. U-God-Golden-Arms-Redemption U-God, Wu-Tang Clan The only hated Wu member had the uncanny ability to ruin perfectly-dope records. If you loved it, he would jump out the bushes onto the track and make you hate it. FAWK U-God.

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