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Heidi Klum talking about why she was initially attracted to Seal:

“I met him in a hotel lobby in New York City and he came in just from the gym and I was sitting there and I was, like, wow,” Klum tells Oprah Winfrey on her show’s Superstar Couples episode set to air Thursday. Wow, as in Seal was wearing bicycle shorts.

“And I pretty much saw everything,” says Klum. “The whole package.”




  • Eye

    Ok, Ms. Heidi, you like to have your back broken on a regular. DAMN! I ain’t mad at you.

  • Vito

    I usually wouldn’t approve of such, but I actually like the fact that she was able to take one look at him and be attracted…

  • Eye

    I always knew their attraction was sexual. He is madly in love with her and she is madly in love with him. Look at all those babies in just 3 years. WOW!!I wonder if the physical attraction will fizzle but Seal treats her like a queen or a diety.

  • http://miss215.blogspot.com Devin

    Awww they are the cutest couple, bless her heart lol jk

  • Ron Johnson

    european chicks love the mandingo.

  • http://www.myspace.com/gazfynest Mzgapeach

    I aint mad at u Heidi get ya quality time while u can

  • gorgeous chocolate pixie

    hes actually hott…

  • Mahogany

    …….to be dickmatized………

    She’s a fellow “crotch-watcher”.


  • AL Sharpton

    I am Al Sharpton, and I approve this relationship.

  • Louis Farrakhan

    I am Louis Farrakhan, I approve of this relationship too, that Nordic Queen is fine as hell

  • Lisa

    I think Seal is a hottie too! I’d take some of that mandingo anyday ;)

  • honeychiild

    over here in the uk white girls all over black men they still racist as hell!

  • 1NubianQueen

    I’ve read that in their home they have a nude pic of themselves. The guest were saying they can see why she’s had 2 children back to back with him. He’s very BLESSED!

  • AL Sharpton

    @honeychiild and charchar binks

    they won’t be racist when those beautiful caramel colored babies start popping out of their cooch!

  • UptownGirl

    Ain’t made at her. He probably smash it six ways from Sunday!!

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